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Davix Project


Davix Project is a music project by Valerio Raponi supported on their djsets by: Leandro Da Silva, Asco, Oscar P, Dirty Dan, Torio, Dennis Cartier and more...

In 2021, his music track "Moon" was featured in Traxsource's TOP200 Techno of the Year.  In the same year was released by Black Lizard the music track "Wet" which reached the potion #24 in Beatport's Top100 Tech House (50K streams on Spotify). Finally, the Stoned Stork Records label released in 2021 two singles titled "Away" (+30K streams on Spotify) and "Back" which reached Beatport's Top100 Bass House at position #24 (+30K streams on Spotify).  

Relevant results in 2020 on major music digital stores:

"Desert", distributed by Pink Lizard label, Top10 Tech House at position #7 and the Top100 Overall at position #89 of Traxsource.

"The Club", distributed by Fresh Farm Music, Top10 Techno at position #3 and on Top50 Azucar Distribution Compilation of Traxsource.

"Caribe", distributed by Pink Lizard, #1 position in the Top100 Techno in Belgium at position #1 and Top100 Techno in Indonesia on iTunes, Hype Chart of July at position #176 of Traxsource.

"Moon", distributed by Fresh Farm Music, Top10 Techno at position #4 of Traxsource.